DYMO [Dynamic MANET On-demand]

DYMO [Dynamic MANET On-demand]:


The Dynamic MANET On-demand (DYMO) routing protocol is intended for use by mobile nodes in wireless multihop networks. It offers quick adaptation to dynamic conditions, low processing and memory overhead, low network utilization, and determines unicast routes between nodes within the network.

  • DYMO uses sequence numbers to ensure loop freedom.
  • All DYMO packets are transmitted via UDP on port TBD.
  • All DYMO message elements must conform to the fixed data structure.
  • DYMO requires each node in the network maintain its own sequence number (OwnSeqNum).
  • A DYMO packet may consist of multiple DYMO elements.
  • An incoming DYMO packet MUST be completely processed prior to any DYMO packet transmissions, resulting from the contained DYMO elements.
  • The length of IP addresses (32-bits for IPv4 and 128-bits for IPv6) inside DYMO elements is dependent on the IP packet header.
  • The resultant DYMO packet transmissions and RE processing will update the lifetime of routes to the originating node and target node (Route Address) at all intermediate nodes, if a valid route still exists.
  • It is likely that DYMO will be used with multiple wireless interfaces; therefore, the particular interface over which packets arrive must be known whenever a packet is received.
  • DYMO parameters SHOULD be adjusted using either dynamic adaptation or experimentally determined values.
  • Currently, DYMO does not specify any special security measures. Routing protocols, however, are prime targets for impersonation attacks.
  • DYMO does not make any assumption about the method by which addresses are assigned to the mobile nodes except that they are presumed to have unique IP addresses.

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