Space industry, governmental and related organizations in Pakistan

Badr-1 – Pakistan‘s first indigenously developed Satellite was launched in 1990 from China aboard a Long March rocket. The satellite successfully completed its designed life.

Mission Objectives.

  • To acquire know-how for indigenous development of satellites and to create infrastructure for future satellite development activities.
  • To test the performance of indigenously developed satellite subsystems in space environment.
  • To perform experiments in real-time voice and data communications between two user ground stations.
  • To demonstrate store-and-forward type message communication.
  • To educate the country’s academic, scientific and amateur community in the tracking and use of low-earth-orbiting satellites.

Pakistan Second Satellite Badar – B

Pakistan ‘s second satellite Badr-B was launched on 10 December, 2001 from the Baikonour Cosmodrome, Kazakistan on a Zenit-2 rocket. It was launched in a sun-synchronous orbit of 1050 Km altitude.

The satellite is tracked from the TT&C Station at Lahore. The orbital elements of the satellite are available at

Mission Objectives

  • Indigenous development of low cost satellites and creation of necessary infrastructure for future development in this field\
  • Acquisition of know-how and technology for earth imaging by use of CCD sensors.
  • Acquisition of know-how and capability in the field of satellite attitude control and stabilization.
  • Encourage and stimulate interest of the country’s academic and scientific community in the peaceful uses of space.
  • Forging of closer links with counterpart agencies/organizations in other countries/regions

Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission

Sector 28, off University Road
Gulzar-e-Hijri 75270
Tel: +92 218144667
Fax: +92 218144928


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