Network Security

Trojan horses.
Not viruses, but Trojan horses. Trojan horses do not replicate themselves and it is the point which is diferent from viruses or worms.
However, it pretend they are helpful programs for users, and allure for users to execute themselves, but they are not helpful and malicious.

They are programs which are coded for the purpose to damage the system and if it is killed and deleted from the system, it means the system is cured.


It is a program which is coded for the purpose of stealing specific passwords from compromised systems.
It may steal system-account/password of Windows or log-in-account/password for specific softwares including games.


Malicious files that are written using the Visual Basic Script which is a kind of programming language.

32-bit Windows worms that can run under all 32-bit Windows platforms.

  • 32bit windows includes Windows 9X, ME, 2000, XP for 32bit of Microsoft.
  • HLLW(High Level Language Worm) ; a worm which is compiled using a High Level Language.
  • it may spread itself out to other computers via Network not after infecting files in users” system but after replicating itself.
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